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Sibling Revelry and Rivalry

  When we walked into the house after Lucy’s yearly appointment, her brothers (Sal, age 6, and Gino and Milo, both age 5) clamored to hear the news.  Dressed in her mint green owl shirt, little 2 year-old Lucy looked … Continue reading

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Like Mom, If I Could Be Like Mom (or The Power of Starbucks)

So, I have been called upon to write a post that won’t make you cry.  I thought, oh, that’s easy, I’ll post a recipe but then I thought that would sort of be cheating.  Here is my attempt at a … Continue reading

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Child, Heal Thy Mother

I rode in an elevator with four other mothers of food allergic children on our way to a Food Allergy Initiative (FAI) luncheon a couple of weeks ago.  As we rode up to the 24th floor on an unusually warm … Continue reading

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Educate. Integrate. Keep Safe.

There are plenty of times when my husband and I stand face-to-face, toe-to-toe, at a complete standstill.  Except that we aren’t completely still.  I am shaking my head back and forth and he is nodding his up and down, at … Continue reading

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