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Santa, baby, slip off your cookie-filled gloves, for me…

Every year we swear we are going to see Santa early, beat the crowds.  Every year we see Santa on December 23 or 24 and every year, we wait and wait.  The line was overflowing with red bows and little … Continue reading

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More Meatballs, Mom!

As I was writing a list of what I needed to cook for this week’s holiday celebrations, it reminded me that I had not yet shared a recipe with you!  Several people had asked me to post a recipe from … Continue reading

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The Tailgate Twist

This year on our annual family voyage to the Irishland, there would be no more walking quickly past the other tailgates filled with sub sandwiches and cheese cubes.  No more having to say that those beautifully frosted golden helmet cookies … Continue reading

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